About us

We are passionate food guides and we open the doors of our daily lives to make you live an authentic experience of food and secrets that only a Sicilian really knows. We believe in the gastronomic culture and in the sustainability of the products and recipes of the territory and we believe they are a fundamental part of the journey and a reason for union between natives and travelers.

We are committed to offering experiences of hospitality, culture, food, entertainment and relaxation. Our mission is to get in touch with curious travelers through dinners and lunches at home, in total safety. We will join you in your holiday home for lunch or dinner and we prepare the most popular dishes on sight, telling their secrets; alternatively we deliver special boxes with dishes and products at home.

We recommend the most authentic places to eat and shop for particular products, thanks to a special food map of the city. We take care of everything, you will live a unique experience, comfortably in your holiday home.