HandMade Pasta

Online Cooking Class

HandMade Pasta
Online Cooking Class

A cooking class, a trip, an opportunity to learn about Sicilian and Italian culture. In the online cooking class “Fresh Pasta” you will live an authentic experience. Handmade pasta in Italy is the Sunday dish. You need the right attention, so the slow rhythms of Sunday morning are ideal for mixing the ingredients of this historic dish. There are many different shapes and doughs and each region follows its own tradition, in Sicily for example the pasta is kneaded only with water, durum wheat flour, a little olive oil. The procedure for making fresh handmade pasta has been handed down for generations and the sauces created to season it and that we love to taste seem endless, but some remain in our minds and in our memories. In this online cooking class you will discover the techniques and secrets to become an expert pasta maker and to be able to create extraordinary dishes to prepare for the people you love


2 hours

N. participants

Max 4 Devices

Live from Italy

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Italian Handmade

The Course in Details

This course is designed for those who love cooking, learn techniques handed down from generation to generation and who want to discover true Italian cuisine.In this cooking class you will learn how to make gnocchi with fried eggplant, swordfish and mint.Norma-style “egg dough” ravioli, filled with ricotta and seasoned with fried aubergines, fresh tomato sauce and salted ricotta.

And finally, during the journey from northern Italy to Sicily you will learn the secrets of Sicilian and southern Italian dough with semolina flour and water. We will cook tonnarelli, a type of spaghetti, seasoned with sardines and wild fennel and with other special ingredients, a world famous Sicilian dish.

The products of excellence, the most authentic techniques, fun and sharing for a unique live experience, with an Italian chef.

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