Italian Sweets, what a passion!

Online Cooking Class

Italian Sweets
Online Cooking Class

The sweet taste is the first that children recognize, it evokes childhood memories, it brings back the good mood when we are in a bad mood and there is nothing better than a cake or a homemade spoon dessert to share with the family or with friends. And our Italy is also the queen for its pastry, renowned all over the world.


2 hours

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Max 4 Devices

Live from Italy

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Italian Sweets
What a passion!

The Course in Details

In this online cooking class we will go to Sicily, our Italian chefs will prepare 3 traditional Italian and Sicilian desserts that many travelers from all over the world love to taste in historic pastry shops.

The Sicilian cannolo: a crunchy wafer made by hand and fried in boiling oil and stuffed with sheep ricotta cream and pistachios from Etna. An extraordinary dessert, to be enjoyed at any time of day.

The almond sweets: very soft sweets mixed with almond flour and Modica
chocolate, a unique product in the world prepared by Sicilian artisans with cold processing
Tiramisu: sweet loved by everyone that our chef will prepare in the classic way with coffee and in the variant with passito di Pantelleria, a liqueur from the Sicilian island in the extreme south of the Mediterranean

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