Perfect risotto
From northern Italy to Sicily

Online Cooking Class

Perfect Risotto
Online Cooking Class

A cooking class, a trip, an opportunity to learn about Sicilian and Italian culture.In the online cooking class “Perfect risotto: From northern Italy to Sicily” you will live an authentic experience.

This course is designed for those who love cooking, learn techniques handed down from generation to generation and who want to discover true Italian cuisine. 

Cooking risotto is an art. Many Italians do not know the techniques to cook it to perfection, for some it is the most difficult test when they invite friends over for dinner. The perfect risotto hides secrets and small technical details that only a good chef can tell you.


2 hours

N. participants

Max 4 Devices

Live from Italy

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Perfect risotto
From Italy to Sicily

The Course in Details

In this online cooking class you will discover how to cook a risotto “all ‘onda” and toast the right type of rice.You will prepare 4 basic condiments of Italian and Sicilian cuisine.

After the classic Milanese risotto, allo zafferano, we will go to Liguria and make the risotto creamed with Genoese pesto in a mortar, in Rome it will be time to taste the carbonara risotto, and finally in Sicily with pistachios and orange.

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