Pizza and Baked Goods

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Italian Pizza
Online Cooking Class

Pizza is the most widespread Italian word in the world. It certainly needs no other explanation.

The perfume is enough to recognize it.
Pizza is a dish that needs no introduction. A product of craftsmanship and culinary art made in Italy that has no equal.


2 hours

N. participants

Max 4 Devices

Live from Italy

Steaming Zoom Cooking Class Online

Pizza and
Baked Goods

The Course in Details

In this cooking class we will discover the secrets of dough, manual skills, the most suitable flours, yeast and little tricks to make a good, digestible and high quality pizza even at home.

Our chef will tell the story of this dish and will reveal the mathematical formula to independently calculate the right doses to have a perfect pizza for your needs.

Three types of dough will be prepared: the one for the high hydration pizza, ideal for a pizza to be made in the pan at home; the dough for the classic Neapolitan round pizza with which the fried pizza will also be prepared, and finally; a type of dough of the Sicilian tradition, ideal for making the typical Sicilian sfincione and rotisserie products.

This cooking class is an opportunity to travel to Italy, meet local cooks and food guides, learn the history of the products and anecdotes about the gastronomic and cultural life of our country.

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