Sicilian Street Food

Online Cooking Class

Sicilian Street Food
Online Cooking Class

Sicilian street food is a universe full of taste. Sicilian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Getting to know Italy and Sicily also means deepening their gastronomic culture, which is deeply rooted in the territory. Street food is not just something you eat, it is a ritual, a heritage that is handed down from one generation to the next. We send you to travel to Sicily with one of our chefs, live.


2 hours

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Street Food

The Course in Details

In this online cooking class you will learn the secrets of Sicilian street food, one of the most loved in the world. The dishes of the markets that can be eaten in the alleys of the city and in the most hidden places, cooked by a local chef, live for you.

Arancina: a centuries-old recipe of the first Sicilian street food. It will be cooked in the oldest version, with a meat sauce and in a more innovative version with a Sicilian dop product, the Bronte pistachio, a real explosion of flavors.

Pane e Panelle: a typical street food of Palermo. These are tasty chickpea flour pancakes served in a soft bun and drenched in lemon juice and black pepper.

Cunzato bread: typical bread of Trapani, seasoned with products such as Ragusan caciocavallo, Sicilian anchovies and tomato, a bread rich in history and tradition

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