The sicilian Cous Cous

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Sicilian Cous Cous
Online Cooking Class

A cooking class, a trip, an opportunity to learn about Sicilian and Italian culture. The cous cous alla trapanese, what goodness, a traditional recipe of Sicilian cuisine and in particular of the city of Trapani. Couscous is a dish of Maghreb origin widespread throughout North Africa. It was most likely imported to Sicily by fishermen who went to Tunisia. Every year many Italians and tourists from all over the world go to Sicily to participate in the Cous Cous Fest, a festival with chefs who come from all over the world to prepare this extraordinary dish. One of our chefs will prepare it with you, telling you anecdotes and history of this typical dish, good and suitable for all events.


2 hours

N. participants

Max 4 Devices

Live from Italy

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Cous Cous

The Course in Details

In this online cooking class you will find out how to prepare “incocciato a mano” couscous through a rather long and laborious process. It is a dish prepared according to a strict ritual and a secret recipe jealously guarded by every family.

With Sicilian and Mediterranean products of excellence we will cook 3 condiments to taste the cous cous: with a Sicilian pesto, with fish and almonds, typical of Trapani, and the gourmet cous cous, inspired by the cous cous of the island of Pantelleria. It is a dish that will leave your guests speechless and will make you feel the scents of healthy Mediterranean cuisine

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