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Sicily is world famous for its cuisine, considered by many to be the richest and most scenic in the nation. In Palermo we spend our days cooking, but eating is our great passion and we want this to be an opportunity for you to do it with us. Street food, Mediterranean fish, fresh pasta or typical Palermo pizza (Sfincione) are just some examples of the specialties we love and that all travelers should try at least once in their life. We will join you at your holiday home to let you taste the most delicious dishes and to give you tips for your gastronomic journey. Ours is more than just a tasting. Eating in Palermo is Cookinshow!

Why participate in one of our show cooking Palermo?

Have you decided not to go home without knowing how arancine, hand-made pasta with typical Sicilian grains or cannoli are prepared? Excellent choice, book now our show cooking in Palermo and you will have solved your problem!

It is always very difficult to be able to do a complete tasting, learn the recipes and the gastronomic history of the place we visit during our trip, have an authentic experience and get in touch with local people in a short time without a thousand intermediaries and waste of time.

It is common to find experiences that can even last many hours, in which you have to spend a lot of energy preparing or shopping, time that could be dedicated to other activities during the trip. With Cookinshow Palermo you can comfortably taste the most typical but also the most important and famous dishes, enjoying the tasting in a short time, learning the history and habits of the place in a light, fun and relaxing way.

Thanks to many years of experience, we at CookInShow know well that for a tourist, whether Italian or foreign, it is really difficult to leave this land without having put on at least a couple of kilos. And, in order not to lose the habit, with our Palermo show cooking you can learn how to cook some typical Sicilian dishes and recreate them in your home with your friends (at least so they too at least so they too will fat and you won’t notice the difference).

How does the CookInShow show cooking in Palermo take place?

The show cooking will take place at your holiday home, one of our food guides will join you to prepare a complete tasting. You will be able to smell the scents and smells of everyday life and you will fully immerse yourself in the most authentic Sicilian life and culture.
You are probably wondering if, in addition to watching the show cooking, you can also taste the delicacies prepared. Well, we wouldn’t be true Sicilians if we told you no! The cook will be happy to let you and other travelers taste traditional dishes and local products in a fun and friendly atmosphere. With the opportunity, you will discover the secrets handed down by grandmothers and you will be happy to recreate them with your friends at the end of the experience.
We at CookInShow want your experience to be unique and pleasant, for this reason you can choose between the classic Palermo show cooking – with the most authentic products combined with famous recipes – the gourmet one, which also includes a tasting of local wines and seasonal fish. and finally – the Street Food – thanks to which you will taste the most famous dishes of Sicilian and Palermo street food.

Why is our show cooking unique and special?

The CookInShow experience is also a show cooking restaurant because it is like a typical restaurant but it is truly exclusive, it is like a tour of the markets, but you can relax and try many Sicilian products while enjoying them comfortably and drinking a glass of wine. CookInShow is also, above all, an experience that allows you get to know us local cooks and local passionate eaters.

Our Palermo show cooking are full of typical perfumes! You will feel the scent of the Sicilian south-east with scents of toasted Almonds of Noto to be used in the Pesto Trapanese handmade in the Mortaio (Typical cooking tool). We will then take a tour of the hinterland of Catania, tasting the Pistachio of Bronte inside the arancina. Attention, you read that correctly: “arancina”, as it is called in Palermo. “Arancina è fimmina come le minne” (“Arancina is female like breasts”) but in the eastern part of the island it is called “arancino” , as in the novels of “Commissario Montalbano”, and here the going gets tough and the story is long and to be told. We will discover together the techniques of cooking rice, how they are fried and even at what temperature they should be enjoyed.

You will taste the most famous dishes, you will learn the secrets of the recipes, the culinary habits of the place, the history of the products and more. After the CookInShow show cooking Palermo, we will give you a food map to better navigate the markets and to eat in the historic places recommended by us, and you will also come back with a souvenir: a certificate of expert of Sicilian cuisine and culinary tradition that you can share with your friends.

The most beautiful souvenir, however, will be the exclusive knowledge of the secrets of the recipes handed down by the local grandmothers to our cooks. Living our experiences will give you the opportunity to be welcomed as one of the family and immerse yourself in the traditions in the daily life of Palermo.

Book now our show cooking Palermo and start making room in your stomach!

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