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During holidays and carefree days, a little bit of culture is the ideal. Sicily and Palermo are rich in it and we love that of our city, but we are also obsessed with good food and it is for this reason that we decided to create innovative Cooking Classes in which the most important thing is to eat first of all and learn by observing the cook’s secrets during preparation. Cookinshow’s food guides reach travelers in their holiday home to prepare the most famous recipes on sight, to tell their story and to introduce local products; doing it while sipping some excellent local wine is actually the part we like best! Try all our Cooking Classes. Eating in Palermo is Cookinshow!

Why should you attend the CookInShow’s Cooking Class in Palermo?

Cookinshow’s Palermo cooking classes are really special. Ready to find out why? Simple: we are in Sicily and we are true Sicilians, we spend our days cooking, but eating is our great passion and we want this to be an opportunity for you to do it with us.

You will taste the most famous recipes and relax by drinking some good typical wine. Our cooking classes in Palermo will also be a fun and pleasant way to learn recipes and history but effortlessly.

You will have an authentic experience and you get to know locals in a short time, without any intermediaries and in just 2 hours, so you don’t have to give up the daily stages of your journey. It is common, in fact, to find experiences that last many hours during which you are forced to buy the products and struggle to cook them. Our cooking classes are above all a moment of tasting, culinary culture and stories handed down by our grandmothers!

Book now! Just a few steps away, you can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before the event when you want.

With Cookinshow Palermo you can comfortably taste the most typical but also most important and famous dishes, enjoying the tasting, trying to get your hands on, only if you want, on the recipes you like most, learning the history and habits of the place in a way light, fun and relaxing.

What are the characteristics of our Palermo cooking classes?

CookInShow’s cooking class Palermo is a unique and authentic opportunity to be protagonists of Sicilian everyday life for one day. You will learn many recipes and savor the products and dishes that made Sicily and Italy unique in the world. You can do it in a classic, street food or gourmet version with a tasting of many typical wines and tasting the fish of our seas.

Book now! Just a few steps away, you can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before the event when you want.

In our cooking class Palermo you will taste the symbolic dishes of our land, you will discover the anecdotes and the authentic recipes, you will learn what are the traditions of the city, the history of the products and more. Once CookInShow’s Palermo cooking class is over, you will be stuffed like a cannolo! But above all you will receive a special food map to move between the markets and to eat in the most historic and authentic places recommended by us; you will also have the opportunity to return to your friends with a souvenir certificate as an expert of Sicilian cuisine and culinary tradition, showing that you have become a true Sicilian cook.

What will you taste during the CookInShow cooking classes?

Pasta love? You need to know, in fact, that in Sicily when grandmothers are in the kitchen preparing lunch is important to say “Quannu a pasta è nta pignata, cci voli a taula cunzata!”, Or “When the pasta is in the pot, the table must be set “. And our cooks, true descendants of the Sicilian grandmothers, are paladins and custodians of the recipes of the past. They will use the local flours and two different types of fresh pasta: handmade spaghetti chitarra, as is done in southern Italy only with farina di semola, ancient Sicilian wheat flour and water and another type, the busiate, typical of eastern Sicily. Everything will be seasoned with recipes and typical products!
But not only pasta, of course, both in the “Classic” and in the “Street food” version there will also be tasty dishes such as the famous arancine (in the western part of Sicily is called Arancin-a, it’s a female, the contrary of “arancin-o”, as it is called if you are on the eastern side of the island). In the “Gourmet” version you will find famous Sicilian dishes based on fish and with particular products. 

And the desserts at the end of the meal? They certainly can’t miss it! You will taste the most famous dish, one of the icons of the island: the Sicilian cannoli. The cannoli will be the symbolic delicacy of our Palermo cooking class, you will not be able to resist its shape, its crunchiness, its fresh and soft cream. Eating it is nice, but filling it and finishing it with a sprinkling of powdered sugar will be a unique experience. The journey through the flavors of Sicily in the far south ends in Pantelleria, tasting the Passito di Pantelleria doc produced with grapes dried in the sun on the island of the wind.

During our tasting in Palermo you will experience a unique, authentic journey rich in history and tradition. You will smell the scents of Sicily, it will be like traveling in a few hours, this will be the most beautiful and genuine memory of your holiday.

Book now our cooking class in Palermo and start your journey through the history of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean right now!

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