Sicilian meatballs and rolls

Online Cooking Class

Sicilian Meatballs
Online Cooking Class

Italian cuisine is extraordinary. Cuisine of a millenary tradition, it does not fear comparisons and conquers the palates of the whole world. Through the many dominations that have occurred in this territory, the recipes have been enriched: spices, particular ingredients, daring but also very simple combinations. There really is everything. To help you better understand what Italy has to offer, we fly to Sicily and present you with the main courses that all grandmothers prepare in their ideal lunch.


2 hours

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Meatballs & Rolls

The Course in Details

In this online cooking class you will discover how to prepare two symbolic dishes of Italian and Sicilian cuisine.

Meatballs: In all Italian and Sicilian homes this dish is never lacking and often the sauce with which the meatballs are cooked goes to season the pasta as well. Our chef will prepare them fried with the sauce, with aubergines and mint accompanied by a citrus sauce, and fish, stewed, a delight!

The rolls: in Sicily we love this dish. Whether they are of vegetables, meat or fish, the rolls can never be missing and are part of the culinary tradition and of the menu of any restaurant. Our chefs will show you how to make meat rolls with toasted breadcrumbs and herbs, eggplant rolls “alla norma” and fish rolls with Pachino tomatoes, Pantelleria capers and olives.

Get ready to do in the most authentic Italian tradition!

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